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In Memory

This section is dedicated to our classmates, and teachers, who have passed away. May the memories of happy times shared with each of them fill our hearts....we are all richer for having known them.

A memorial page has been created to honor each person, please feel free to post your thoughts and share your memories.


"If I Could Be Where You Are" Enya
Lyrics written by Roma Ryan

Where are you this moment
Only in my dreams
You're missing, but you're always
a heartbeat from me.

 I'm lost now without you.
I don't know where you are.
I keep watching,
I keep hoping,
but time keeps us apart. 

Is there a way I can find you?
Is there a sign I should know?
Is there a road I could follow,
to bring you back home? 

Winter lies before me,
Now you're so far away
In the darkness of my dreaming
The light of you will stay

If I could be close beside you,
If I could be where you are,
If I could reach out and touch you,
And bring you back home.

Is there a way I can find you?
Is there a sign I should know?
Is there a road I could follow,
to bring you back home? 

To me...



By Year Deceased Alphabetically ALUMNI Photo


Janine Barnes (Class Of 1993)  
Andrew Devlin (Class Of 1970)  
Robert Didomenico (Class Of 1987)  
June Hahn (Coyne) (Class Of 1964)  
Charles L Kingett (Class Of 1957)  
William Magee (Class Of 1965)  
Barry Marx (Class Of 1962)  
Colleen Meehan (Belancio) (Class Of 1978)  
Joe Money (Class Of 1969)  
Christine Pedersen (Class Of 1965)  
Kenneth Scheller (Class Of 1956)  

Fredericka Afflerbach (Smith)  
Lena Angeline (Steiner) (Class Of 1970)  
Joseph Bottino (Class Of 1985)  
Joshua Brown (Class Of 1996)  
Doris Burke (Cohen) (Class Of 1976)  
Lowell Burlap (Class Of 1965)  
Brenda Davenport (Class Of 1969)  
Charles Decker (Class Of 1965)  
Ross Del Rossi (Class Of 1989)  
Wally Loges (Class Of 1966)  
James MacMillan (Class Of 1965)  
Anthony Mascioli (Class Of 2002)  
Joseph Massaro (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Mumie (Class Of 1975)  
Mark Rappenecker (Class Of 1968)  

Charles Bahm (Class Of 1966)  
Thomas Bearn (Class Of 1986)  
Betty Lou Beeler (Lydic) (Class Of 1967)  
Kathy Bevan (Smith) (Class Of 1978)  
Robert Bilbrough (Class Of 1971)  
Harry Carman (Class Of 1966)  
Joseph Castor (Class Of 1987)  
Tina Cook (Campana) (Class Of 1984)  
Joe Deeney (Class Of 1965)  
Joseph Foti (Class Of 1972)  
Lois Grace (McAllister) (Class Of 1961)  
Robert Green (Class Of 1962)  
John Hammond (Class Of 1953)  
Denise Hellings (Welser) (Class Of 1982)  
Edward Lane (Class Of 1986)  
William McDade (Class Of 1960)  
Joseph Mullan (Class Of 1976)  
Harvey "Chet" Peden (Class Of 1965)  
Phillip Procida (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Sheeks (Class Of 1984)  
William Sims (Class Of 1984)  
Leonard Staab (Class Of 1984)  
Walter Stroup (Class Of 1970)  
William Walters (Class Of 1981)  
Rosemary Webber (Tapper) (Class Of 1962)  
Ameeru Williams  
Maurice Williams (Class Of 1976)  
Sharon Williams (Class Of 1965)  
William Young (Class Of 1984)  

Laura Brodzik (Class Of 1999)  
William Brown  
David Burger (Class Of 1976)  
Michael Clendining (Class Of 1979)  
Pauline Dando (Scull) (Class Of 1954)  
James Davis (Class Of 1967)  
Tammy Exelby (Campbell) (Class Of 1989)  
Ferenc "Frank" Forgacs (Class Of 1989)  
Raymond Golley (Golley) (Class Of 1962)  
Kenneth Ralph Hueftle (Class Of 1975)  
Joyce Kling (Pollard) (Class Of 1962)  
Harry Matsinger (Class Of 1973)  
Debora Matthews (Lustman) (Class Of 1977)  
Patricia Marie Mears (Porter) (Class Of 1962)  
Drew George Miller (Class Of 1964)  
William Miller (Class Of 1984)  
Tina Milos (Grimmie) (Class Of 1977)  
Carl Muller (Class Of 1976)  
Joseph Samuel Nunen (Class Of 1999)  
Andrew Olsack (Class Of 1988)  
Yvonne Polk (Class Of 1989)  
Michael Procida (Class Of 1972)  
Helena Rayer (Shea) (Class Of 1970)  
Kathy Rubincam (O'Neill) (Class Of 1967)  
Carol Ann Stage (Petersen) (Class Of 1962)  
William Sutton (Class Of 1976)  
Bob Telling (Class Of 1969)  
Arlene Widman (Stewart) (Class Of 1964)  
William Wilson (Class Of 1973)  
George Woeller (Class Of 1971)  
Cruz Yambo (Concepcion) (Class Of 1975)  
Michael Yaworski (Class Of 1960)  

Stephanie/Kay Casmer (Class Of 1968)  
Janet Clendining (Elliott) (Class Of 1975)  
William Cox (Class Of 1976)  
Donald Craig (Class Of 1968)  
Mark Enders (Class Of 1986)  
Leah Foster (Class Of 1986)  
Victoria (Vicki) Gibson (Wames) (Class Of 1967)  
E. Christopher Harris (Class Of 1987)  
Celina Henriquez (Class Of 2015)  
Tiffany Hillsee (Class Of 2007)  
Constance May Hoechst (Erdman) (Class Of 1975)  
Dan Hornick (Class Of 1966)  
Charles Hutchison (Class Of 1984)  
Joanne Jones (Lanze) (Class Of 1993)  
Dawn Kennedy (Terwilliger) (Class Of 1985)  
Ed Krucinski (Class Of 1968)  
Dorothy Mazzone (Class Of 1968)  
Frank McGovern (Class Of 1965)  
Neil McGowan (Class Of 1966)  
Joseph Mulhern (Class Of 1959)  
Matthew Nicosia (Class Of 1986)  
Eileen Orlando (Class Of 1970)  
Joseph H Osborne (Class Of 1962)  
Donald T Pancrazio (Class Of 1975)  
John Pedano (Class Of 1960)  
Sue Pedersen (Class Of 1969)  
Constance Quicksill (Keller) (Class Of 1980)  
Phyllis Ritter-Krug (Class Of 1965)  
John Schoch (Class Of 1965)  
William Wetzork (Class Of 1970)  
Lisa Youngkin (Class Of 1994)  

Richard Amandeo (Class Of 1995)  
George Beacham (Class Of 1972)  
Warren Beadling (Class Of 1964)  
Gary Berthel (Class Of 1972)  
Thomas R Burton, Sr. (Class Of 1962)  
Robert Cain (Class Of 1967)  
Thomas Casino, Sr. (Class Of 1975)  
Arthur Clements (Class Of 1983)  
Brooke Ann Cohen (Class Of 2001)  
David Dowdell (Class Of 1965)  
Mark Fisher (Class Of 1982)  
Michael Flynn (Class Of 1970)  
Bonnie Fowler (Class Of 1963)  
Steven Franks (Class Of 1990)  
James Fuller (Class Of 1956)  
Mary Garrity (Anton) (Class Of 1967)  
Jerry Giordano (Class Of 1967)  
Carol Harris (Hegeman) (Class Of 1967)  
Thelessa Hawkins (Class Of 1978)  
John Hearn (Class Of 1979)  
William Hearn (Class Of 1974)  
Felicia L Henderson (Worrell) (Class Of 1962)  
Timothy Henshke (Class Of 1992)  
Donald Howell (Class Of 1962)  
Christina Judge (Acello) (Class Of 1984)  
Scott King (Class Of 1977)  
Judith Kuhn (Class Of 1969)  
Edwin Masterson (Class Of 1983)  
Patricia Morgan (Klotz) (Class Of 1962)  
Angel Mullen (Sheekey) (Class Of 1968)  
Dolores Nicholas (Capporelli) (Class Of 1959)  
Kerry Owens (Class Of 1970)  
George Pierson (Class Of 1970)  
Michael Pufta (Class Of 1990)  
James Scheirer (Class Of 1965)  
Emma Snuffin (Hanna) (Class Of 1970)  
Bunny Stinsman (Irwin) (Class Of 1971)  
Matthew Todd (Class Of 2010)  
Calvin Toomer (Class Of 1991)  
JoAnn Wiliams (Class Of 1984)  
Florence Zazzarino (DeRose) (Class Of 1966)  

Pete Baldwin (Class Of 1990)  
Janette Bauman (Szovati) (Class Of 1983)  
Kelly Anne Blithe (Class Of 1990)  
Patrick Brady (Class Of 1977)  
Patrick Brady (Class Of 1978)  
Kathleen Ann Briles (Sandlin) (Class Of 1962)  
Robert Buehl (Class Of 1972)  
David Burdine (Class Of 1966)  
Theresa Castaldi (Wames) (Class Of 1967)  
Francis Czajkowski (Class Of 1966)  
Loretta Davis (Class Of 1994)  
Robert Eichenberg (Class Of 1970)  
Tina French (Rich) (Class Of 1983)  
Emery Galiazzi (Class Of 1981)  
Catherine "Cass" Gamble (Gibson) (Class Of 1963)  
Stephen Lee Gorney (Class Of 1978)  
Dennis Handy (Class Of 1978)  
James Herbert (Class Of 1958)  
Harry W Holston (Class Of 1962)  
Carol Ann Louise Landes (Asch) (Class Of 1967)  
Earl McCart (Class Of 1969)  
Michael Monahan (Class Of 1979)  
Arthur Muff (Class Of 1969)  
John Pierce (Class Of 1969)  
Joan Lee Quicksill (Crain) (Class Of 1983)  
Charles Reed (Class Of 1976)  
Harry Sauers (Class Of 1984)  
Bryon Schweiker (Class Of 1970)  
Linda Smith (DelRossi) (Class Of 1967)  
Patricia Ann Smith (Class Of 1963)  
Louis Testa (Class Of 1960)  
Cherieanne Todd (Sullivan) (Class Of 1989)  
Lillian Wescott (Capone) (Class Of 1960)  
Marcus White (Class Of 1992)  
Harry H. Wible (Class Of 1964)  
Anthony Yovnello (Class Of 1969)  

Gerald Blithe (Class Of 1981)  
James Brooks (Class Of 1964)  
Stephen Chamberlain (Class Of 1966)  
Christine Constantino (Mason) (Class Of 1980)  
Thomas Conway (Class Of 1978)  
Linda DiCicco (Geary) (Class Of 1967)  
Joe Fitzsimmons (Class Of 1968)  
Paul Gennaro (Class Of 1967)  
Edward Glynn (Class Of 1965)  
William J Gray (Class Of 1962)  
Gilbert Handy (Class Of 1976)  
Peggy Harris (Class Of 1963)  
Charles (Chuck) Headley (Class Of 1972)  
Cathleen Heine (McKissick) (Class Of 1977)  
Christopher Homa (Class Of 1996)  
Susan Kassner (Ocasio) (Class Of 1965)  
Charles "Buddy" Klotz (Class Of 1959)  
Albert Koch (Class Of 1988)  
Mark Kramer (Class Of 1994)  
Patrick Long (Class Of 1975)  
Adonis "Daniel" Martinez (Class Of 1982)  
William Mayer (Class Of 1960)  
William McCouch (Class Of 1969)  
Rebecca McLain (Janney) (Class Of 1969)  
Thomas Meehan (Class Of 1969)  
Kathleen Miller (Class Of 1976)  
Matthew Misiolek (Class Of 2009)  
Joe Morrison (Class Of 1968)  
Jacqueline Murphy (Pangia) (Class Of 1983)  
Ira Redhorn (Class Of 1975)  
William Roach (Class Of 1965)  
Sandra Roberts (Fothergill) (Class Of 1979)  
Stephen Shilby (Class Of 1968)  
James Shover (Class Of 1969)  
Beth Ann Smith (Class Of 1960)  
George Somers (Class Of 1969)  
Debbie Thomas (Stang) (Class Of 1973)  
Yolonda Tuzi (Lehman) (Class Of 1976)  

Stella Albertson (Class Of 1989)  
Lorraine Helen Barbaccia (Riley) (Class Of 1964)  
Paul Bowen (Class Of 1990)  
Gloria Clark (Decker) (Class Of 1967)  
Joan Dougherty (Class Of 1973)  
Gary Dunnet (Class Of 1977)  
Donald Galt (Class Of 1971)  
Deborah Graeff (Class Of 1977)  
Ruth Jo Gray (Class Of 1965)  
John Harty (Class Of 1970)  
Joseph Heinsman (Class Of 1973)  
Debbie Hornick (Morrison) (Class Of 1968)  
Joan T Jennings (Bickley) (Class Of 1972)  
Elliott Johnson (Class Of 1967)  
Robert Klotz (Class Of 1969)  
Ray Laurella (Class Of 1969)  
Sharon Levering (McColl) (Class Of 1987)  
Thomas MacDonald (Class Of 1969)  
Diane Mattson (Surran) (Class Of 1962)  
Nora McGowan (Class Of 1967)  
Denise Marie Mortka (Basnight-Wheelbarger) (Class Of 1973)  
David Pluck (Class Of 1974)  
Tom Ragan (Class Of 1970)  
Paige Savarese (Class Of 1983)  
Michael Smith (Class Of 1992)  
Matthew B Storm (Class Of 1994)  
Robert Tomasello  
Frank Williams (Class Of 1969)  
Michael Williams (Class Of 1974)  
Mary Wilson (Krucinski) (Class Of 1968)  
Ella Wressig (Lucha) (Class Of 1967)  

Karin Adams (Sanders) (Class Of 1984)  
Robert Brooks (Class Of 1965)  
Alma Crowthers (Class Of 1965)  
Linda DeNearing (Woods) (Class Of 1970)  
Michael Ferris  
Mary Finkenhofer (Register) (Class Of 1965)  
Mary Finkenhofer ((Crosby) (Register)) (Class Of 1966)  
Harry Friberg (Class Of 1972)  
Robin Gonzales (Class Of 1989)  
John Howard (Class Of 1989)  
Maxine Johnson (Bell) (Class Of 1969)  
Charles Johnstone (Class Of 1969)  
Brian Kelly (Class Of 1984)  
Earl Livernois (Class Of 1965)  
Anna Maraffa (Stewart) (Class Of 1967)  
Sam Matson (Class Of 1983)  
Christopher Nast (Class Of 1974)  
Robert W. O'Conner (Class Of 1964)  
Raymond Ollinger (Class Of 1965)  
Kurt Douglas Schoen (Class Of 1964)  
Darlene Smith (Starrett) (Class Of 1973)  
Susan Stone (Class Of 1969)  
Thomas Stone (Class Of 1982)  
George Stott (Class Of 1975)  
John Twells (Class Of 1972)  
Dorinda Ward (Taylor) (Class Of 1968)  
John Wilkins (Class Of 1965)  
Nicholas Yovnello (Class Of 1965)  

Richard Agin (Class Of 1960)  
Oliver Archer (Class Of 1965)  
Coletta Aune (Nelson) (Class Of 1972)  
Thomas Bewley (Class Of 1982)  
Tim Busch (Class Of 1978)  
Amanda Dadura (Class Of 1996)  
Virginia Finkenhofer (Elser) (Class Of 1974)  
Lyman Fuller (Class Of 1968)  
Barbara Grossmann (Behan) (Class Of 1973)  
Joseph Helverson (Class Of 1969)  
William Kennedy (Class Of 1965)  
Joseph F. Kuns (Class Of 1964)  
Joseph Pacheco (Class Of 1976)  
Maria Elena "Lea" Palumbo (Class Of 1982)  
Ronald Michael Price  
Ronald Raio (Class Of 1960)  
Anna Christine Roach (Knoll) (Class Of 1966)  
Jean Seibert (Aron) (Class Of 1967)  
Joan Skelly (O'Connor) (Class Of 1967)  
Wesley Waechtler (Class Of 1971)  
Annie L Williams (Carruth) (Class Of 1962)  

Stephen Beckas (Class Of 1965)  
Ron Bogumil (Class Of 1967)  
Lavina Carr (White) (Class Of 1968)  
Edwin Crosby (Class Of 1966)  
Linda Davenport (Cipriano) (Class Of 1969)  
Rev. Leonard DeSipio (Class Of 1965)  
Florence Galt (Class Of 1969)  
Tricia Herbert (Broomall) (Class Of 1987)  
Larry B. Johnson (Class Of 1971)  
John Kelly (Class Of 1969)  
Linda Kemble (Class Of 1971)  
Kenneth MacFerren (Class Of 1974)  
Susan McCullen (Rupp) (Class Of 1976)  
Daniel Offenbacker (Class Of 1979)  
Robert Payne (Class Of 1974)  
Jean Marie Rizzo (Ianiero) (Class Of 1972)  
Scott Scharf (Class Of 1978)  
Drew Seder (Class Of 1965)  

Leonard Balcer, Jr (Class Of 1974)  
Gary Beebe (Class Of 1974)  
Heather Bishop (D'Orto) (Class Of 1992)  
William Clendenning (Class Of 1965)  
Lydia C. Cohen (Fecteau) (Class Of 1966)  
Paul Decker (Class Of 1974)  
Barbara Demarest (Ruiz) (Class Of 1976)  
Barbara Dorell (Class Of 1960)  
Martin L. Hoechst (Class Of 1971)  
Thomas Joyce (Class Of 1966)  
Adam Ketels  
Philip Meehan  
Eugene D. Miller, Jr. (Class Of 1986)  
Dorothy Rojs (Class Of 1969)  
Diana Sing (Flynn) (Class Of 1975)  
Patricia Ann Souders (Class Of 1965)  
Barbara Springer (Taunitas) (Class Of 1974)  
Kathleen Stankiewicz (Class Of 1980)  
Terry C. Wescott (Class Of 1970)  
Thomas Wesson (Class Of 1965)  

Bruce Bosler (Class Of 1972)  
Leonard (Lenny) Ferrara (Class Of 1967)  
Anthony Grant (Class Of 1979)  
Veronica Haas (Cavallaro) (Class Of 1967)  
James Houwen (Class Of 1975)  
Loretta Howard (Class Of 1974)  
Jennifer Kengeter (Class Of 1989)  
Patricia Obre (Groos-Campbell) (Class Of 1967)  
Elaine Pintozzi (Battee) (Class Of 1986)  
Robert Piot (Class Of 1970)  
Veronica Schalek (Korn) (Class Of 1960)  
Jerry Wojnar (Class Of 1974)  

Barbara Bermingham (Alicea) (Class Of 1975)  
Gail Kopp (Mazakas) (Class Of 1969)  
Ed Pfeiffer (Class Of 1967)  
Mike Rukla (Class Of 1967)  
William Van Artsdalen (Class Of 1970)  

Christian Barford (Class Of 1992)  
James Brown (Class Of 1962)  
Scott Brown (Class Of 1977)  
Christine Bruno (Lionelli) (Class Of 1965)  
Grace Chandler (Rogers) (Class Of 1968)  
James Greenwood (Class Of 1965)  
Barbara Kopp (Class Of 1972)  
Wesley William Morris (Class Of 1976)  
Earl Muff (Class Of 1972)  
Barbara Oliver (Green) (Class Of 1969)  
Michael Pedrick (Class Of 1988)  
Lisa Marie Sanderlin (Hurlburt) (Class Of 1990)  
Theodore Joseph Stinsman (Class Of 1964)  
Norman Williamson (Class Of 1990)  
Stephen Wilz (Class Of 1974)  

Anthony Caporelli (Class Of 1985)  
Bob Carney (Class Of 1970)  
Virginia Chandler (Van Sciver) (Class Of 1968)  
John Connelly (Class Of 1969)  
Bill Dorell (Class Of 1965)  
Ralph Ewell (Class Of 1967)  
Sally Flannigan (Ehrke) (Class Of 1962)  
Dana Gray (Class Of 1965)  
David Lee Jobes (Class Of 1980)  
Richard Morris (Class Of 1979)  
Yvonne Mustaro (Valorie) (Class Of 1965)  
Gregory K Renner (Class Of 1982)  
Salvatore Rota (Class Of 1965)  
Janet Smith (Judge) (Class Of 1967)  
John Welser (Class Of 1980)  

Roy Bass (Class Of 1966)  
Marc Calloway  
Adam Froelich (Class Of 2001)  
Rosanna Haubois (Briggs) (Class Of 1978)  
Susan Jenkins (Sears) (Class Of 1989)  
Frank Louis Kohler (Class Of 1962)  
Elmer G Larsen (Class Of 1962)  
Donna Lezotte (Class Of 1969)  
William Morrison (Class Of 1966)  
Carleen Mortka (McCullen) (Class Of 1984)  
Diane Passarello (Class Of 1970)  
William Perkins (Class Of 1970)  
Roy Van Artsdalen (Class Of 1975)  
John Vandergrift (Class Of 1965)  
Michael Yaworski (Class Of 1982)  

Bill Calloway (Class Of 1966)  
Daniel George (Class Of 1966)  
Susan Jean Klotz (Hack) (Class Of 1971)  
Judy Lang (Winchester) (Class Of 1967)  
Jack R Schweiker (Class Of 1962)  
John Werner (Class Of 1967)  

Donald Bedard (Class Of 1968)  
Damien Covington (Class Of 1991)  
Hakim Farthing (Class Of 1992)  
Herb Ingram (Class Of 1967)  
Michael Manos  
Joseph McDevitt (Class Of 1974)  

Camille Bruner (Class Of 1988)  
David Fleming (Class Of 1962)  
Walter Franks (Class Of 1968)  
Raymond Herzer (Class Of 1965)  
David Hughes (Class Of 1992)  
Bill Kassner (Class Of 1967)  
Annmarie Land (Watson) (Class Of 1982)  
James G. Lenher (Class Of 1977)  
James McCouch (Class Of 1960)  
Thomas Oelkrug (Class Of 1962)  

Verna Carroll (Lackey) (Class Of 1962)  
Francis (Frank) J. Heron (Class Of 1973)  
Ronald Keck (Class Of 1962)  
Ricky Pacifico (Class Of 1970)  
Mark C. Schuler (Class Of 1963)  
Bonnie Sellers (Class Of 1973)  
Dorothea Stroup (Huwe-Bishop) (Class Of 1984)  
Rich Wessel (Class Of 1967)  

Jack Custalow (Class Of 1965)  
George Widener (Class Of 1965)  

Ken Dobbins (Class Of 1965)  
Christophe Rosell (Class Of 1969)  

Maureen Simpson (Class Of 1972)  
James Stephen Weiss (Class Of 1968)  

Bonnie Amorosa (Class Of 1967)  
Wiliam Anderson (Class Of 1990)  
Virginia Bachman (Class Of 1965)  
George Dumas (Class Of 1974)  
Robert McCracken (Class Of 1968)  
Elizabeth Schultz (Class Of 1965)  
Robert Thornton (Class Of 1967)  

Martin Berger (Class Of 1973)  
Grace Guarrera (Class Of 1967)  
Joseph Schafhauser (Class Of 1968)  
Stephen Yanzuk (Class Of 1968)  

Anthony Belfino (Class Of 1968)  
Regina Ann Conway (Class Of 1966)  
Steve LaBuda (Class Of 1966)  
Scott Lederer (Class Of 1975)  
Richard J. Lord (Class Of 1966)  
Darlene Vickery (Sears) (Class Of 1965)  

Connie Brosic (Grimmie) (Class Of 1965)  
Jennifer Feyt (Class Of 1990)  
Joseph Pufta (Class Of 1993)  
Curt Sonak (Class Of 1973)  
Linda A Vitelli (Lezotte) (Class Of 1975)  

Dale Birchall (Class Of 1966)  
Edward Klotz (Class Of 1966)  
Roseanne McGuire (Class Of 1964)  
Kathy McKelvey (Class Of 1973)  

Eleanor Bolton (Class Of 1969)  
Leslie Mosher (Class Of 1962)  

Gail Kavanaugh (Thomsen) (Class Of 1967)  
Paul Wessel (Class Of 1965)  

John Madden (Class Of 1966)  

Valeria Anne Schweiker (Class Of 1966)  
Suzette Walls (Gramigna) (Class Of 1982)  

Kathy Ward (Class Of 1967)  

Kathleen Behan (Brooks) (Class Of 1971)  
Cynthia Moncrief (Shimmel) (Class Of 1968)  
Alma Olson (Lundberg) (Class Of 1984)  
Patricia Parleman (Class Of 1966)  

Patricia Egan (Class Of 1981)  
Michael Flanigan (Class Of 1967)  
Carl John Kerbowski (Class Of 1964)  
Rev. Brian King (Class Of 1967)  
Patricia McGuire (Class Of 1960)  
Patrick McNamara (Class Of 1966)  
Paul Mulford (Class Of 1967)  
George Queener (Class Of 1967)  

Richard Madon (Class Of 1965)  
Larry Miranda (Class Of 1985)  

Joseph McKelvey (Class Of 1980)  
John Nehlig (Class Of 1962)  
Thomas Pappert (Class Of 1962)  
Paul Reamer (Class Of 1965)  

Allison Gibbs (Class Of 1978)  
Joseph Glacken (Class Of 1977)  
Patrick Kelly-Neill (Class Of 1974)  
James McKelvey (Class Of 1967)  

Ginger Lederer (Class Of 1969)  
Lynn Tracy (Class Of 1980)  

Jack Whiteside (Class Of 1972)  

Frank Geisz (Class Of 1973)  
Robert Mc Gowan (Class Of 1970)  

Patrica A Adams (Class Of 1978)
David Dumas (Class Of 1970)  
John Laurella (Class Of 1962)  
Joseph McCauley (Class Of 1974)  
Connie Roescher (Class Of 1978)

William Beeler (Class Of 1969)  

Sarah McGuire (Hotz) (Class Of 1964)  

Bernice Ruth Nelson (Gruetter) (Class Of 1966)  

William Kaczmarek (Class Of 1967)  
Alexander Pregartner (Class Of 1965)  

Eleanor Menold (Class Of 1965)  

James Kennedy (Missing In Action -Vietnam) (Class Of 1968)  
Raymond M. Yanaseska (Class Of 1965)

Henry (Hank) Boye (Class Of 1967)  

John Cartwright (Class Of 1967)  

Frank Dillon (Class Of 1965)  
James “Jamie” LeGrand (Class Of 1967)  
Buddy Sheets (Class Of 1969)  

Cheryl Penney (Class Of 1967)  

Rae Donahue (Class Of 1966)  

Leona Adams (Class Of 1974)  
Marianne Benevento (Class Of 1974)  
Lynne Brown (Class Of 1974)  
Florence "Flossie" Burton (Class Of 1963)  
Dennis Clark (Class Of 1974)  
Clinton (Chester) Davis (Class Of 1966)  
Gary Devine (Class Of 1975)  
Kathy Donato (Class Of 1974)  
Diane Erney (Class Of 1970)  
Sandra Faist (Weaver) (Class Of 1968)  
George Franks (Class Of 1970)  
Joshua Gibb (Class Of 1999)
William Huckel (Class Of 1969)  
Denny Hunter (Class Of 1966)  
Betty Jeane Kingett (Class Of 1969)  
John LaBree (Class Of 1964)  
Guy Lindstrom (Class Of 1970)  
Eric Link (Class Of 1974)  
John Marella (Class Of 1965)  
Madeline McGarrigle (Class Of 1965)  
Wayne Ray Miller (Class Of 1964)  
Jeanne Moncrief (Class Of 1974)  
Wayne Morris (Class Of 1975)  
Ron Nichols (Class Of 1974)  
Joseph Patti (Class Of 1966)  
Robert Potts (Class Of 1969)  
George W. Sellers (Class Of 1975)  
Barbara Villiano (Class Of 1965)  
Gustav "Gus" H. Wirth (Class Of 1969)  
Kathy Yanzuk (Class Of 1974)  
David Young (Class Of 1969)  
William Zbrozek (Class Of 1970)  
Lisa Zook (Hall) (Class Of 1985)  

Paul (Harmelin)  
Nancy Freed  

Elaine (Sertway)  
Richard Graham  

Vernon W. O'Hara  
Roger Schwartz  

Marilyn Maguire (Wissman)  
Rosemary "Rosie" Sharpless (Berkey)  
Michael Yost  

Catherine McCollum (Mattson)  
Janice Rauer (Coll)  

Anna Campagna (McGregor)  
Walter M. "Jack" Cooper  
Peter DeCuzzi  
Veronica "Ronnie" Goodson (Kellogg)  
Walter Mumie  
Karen Scepansky  

Edward McNamara  
Vincent J. Sparacino  

Robert M. "Bob" Barth  
Jerry Berosh  
George Kobulnicky  

Larry Mauriello  

Yvonne Mustaro (Valorie)  

Helen Rothermel  

Amelita (Daly)  

Joseph J. Capacetta, Sr.  

Thomas E. Schuckis  

Alexander Frentzen  
Catherine Gerhart  
Paul Kirkpatrick  
Donald Young  

If you are aware of an ALUMNI who should be added to this page please let us know.